Specialty clients often appreciate the one-to-one contact with referral sources that practice liaisons provide. Clients are assigned one individual who represents them during monthly office visits and becomes the face of the practice. Liaisons educate, provide timely information and updates, and determine any concerns or questions that can lead to enhanced communication and improved satisfaction and service. Each of our practice liaisons has worked valley-wide going the extra mile for our clients for a minimum of 10 years.

Lisa Starkey — “Going into medical practices and speaking with referral coordinators and other team members has been incredibly enjoyable. I have met some of the most interesting people and it’s nice to talk about their situations and needs regarding our specialties.”

Felicia Thomas — “Personally, when it’s come to medicine, I’ve seen and experienced it all. I formed my own personal fantastic healthcare team after experiencing many specialists and know the ones who care, are skilled, and do not treat patients like a number. My favorite thing is visiting practices and connecting the practice and their patients with the best specialists — providers I would send my grandmother to — so their patients can create their own best team. That is my purpose.”

Renee Weiss — “Educating practices has become second nature to me. I enjoy communicating the unique aspects of each practice I represent and finding ways to initiate or enhance the relationship between the two entities.”

Jana Woods — “Working for more than a decade visiting medical practices and seeing firsthand how offices strive to help their patients, enables me each month to find ways to help make a difference for them. It continues to be such a joy meeting so many interesting people who truly care about their patients’ well-being.”